About Us

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Kyiv +38 (067) 401 37 73, Kharkiv +38 (067) 640 12 14,
Odessa +38 (067) 996 99 19

About us

Ferro Minerals LLC supplies stainless steel nationally and world-wide delivered both directly from the well-known and reliable manufacturers across the globe and from stocks in Ukraine. Leveraging on our aggressive marketing strategy we offer our clients an extensive range of stainless steel products of exceptional quality. At our stocks we keep an extensive inventory of materials to meet requirement of every customer.


We do our best to help our customers to grow and remain with us after the first purchase of our products. To achieve this we pay maximum attention to outstanding services, quality of materials we supply and acceptable pricing.


Our main target is a happy customer; our main philosophy is to work hard, so that our customers do not have to!


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